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Avon Valley Motorcycle Friendly Region

Avon Valley Motorcycle Friendly Region (AVMCFR)

The Avon Valley region’s motorcycling assets, winding roads through magnificent scenery in a temperate climate, have been branded & linked, with the support of seven Local Governments and the cooperation of an exciting number of venues (accommodation on left of table, eateries on right)!

Beverley, contact Beverley CRC - 9646 1600
Beverley Bed & Breakfast
Beverley Caravan Park
Freemasons Tavern
Hotel Beverley
She-oaks B&B
Beverley Country Kitchen
Freemasons Tavern
Hotel Beverley
Red Vault Restaurant
Chittering, contact Chittering Visitor Centre - 9576 1100
Alan & Eve's Eden
Bindoon's Windmill Farm
Tree Tops Guesthouse
Wootra Farm B&B
Bindoon Bakehaus & Café
Bindoon Café Restaurant
Muchea Roadhouse
Stringybark Winery & Restaurant
Goomalling, contact Goomalling CRC - 9629 1570
Goomalling Tavern Go Cafe`
Goomalling Tavern
Jennacubbine Tavern
Mary's Tearoom (Slater Homestead)
Northam, contact Northam Visitor Centre - 9622 2100
Sorry no Accommodation listings Sorry no Eatery listings
Toodyay, contact Toodyay Visitors Centre - 9574 9380
Amber Springs Gardens
Ipswich View
Pecan Hill B&B
Riverbridge B&B
Toodyay Caravan Park
Toodyay Holiday Park & Chalets
Victoria Hotel Motel open soon
Cola Café
Cruz In Café
Duck Duck Goose Café & Ice Creamery
Victoria Hotel Motel open soon
Toodyay Community Resource Centre
Victoria Plains, contact Shire of Victoria Plains - 9628 7004
New Norcia Visitor Centre - 9654 8056  Bolgart Hotel
Calingri Sports Club
Five Roads Cafe
Mogumber Tavern
New Norcia Hotel
Yerecoin Traders
Yerecoin Tavern
York, contact York Visitor Centre - 9641 1301
Kookaburra Cottages
Lavendale Farm
Nosh and Nod
Settlers House York
Swann Lodge B&B
The Olive Branch
York Cottages
The Flour Mill Café
Terrace Cafe
The Olive Branch
Greenhills Tavern  
Other Points of Interest
#mcfriendly Attractions
Beverley Soaring Society
Beverley Station Gallery & Platform Theatre
Dead Finish Museum, Beverley
East End Gallery, Beverley
Bindoon Museum
Muchea Tree Farm

#mcfriendly Supporters
Cully's Yamaha
Rider Down
Overlander Adventure Equipment
M/c Riders Assoc. of WA
The Bike Shed Times

#mcfriendly Project Coordinator
Avon Tourism Inc Chair, Karen Dore 0413 380 650
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